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Remote Administration

TSG Computer Services in the lower mainlandRemote Administration or remote assistance as it’s also known, has become a valuable tool in recent years. Previously, IT staff had to perform onsite service calls for everything relating to computers, but that has all changed.

It not only allows the IT support staff to perform their duties in real-time from a remote location, but also provides the client with a virtual IT department at their fingertips. All that is required is a functioning internet connection on the client’s system.

Common tasks that can be completed remotely are:

  • virus removal
  • system cleanup and optimization
  • configuration of windows and 3rd party software
  • software installation
  • email setup
  • training
  • common computer tasks

Below are a few of the benefits of virtualized IT support:

  • Real-time access to qualified IT professionals
  • Real-time support (no appointment scheduling)
  • Customer doesn’t have to remove computer from location to have it serviced.
  • Customer can have problem(s) fixed any time of day.
  • No onsite required (in most cases)
  • The environment is saved from vehicle exhaust.

Remote Administration has allowed the average consumer to reap the rewards of technology just like in the corporate environment. These technological advancements have not only decreased response time for service calls, but also reduced costs and provided increased efficiency for both the customer and the technician.

Customers can receive immediate assistance for service requests, and support staff don’t have to incur travel costs thereby passing those savings back onto the customer. It a WIN-WIN situation. It also saves on the environment!

If you require computer service, please consider calling a company (like us) that can provide you with Remote Assistance versus an onsite visit. Not only will one of our technicians be available to help you, but you’ll be saving the environment as well.


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