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Laptop and Desktop Computer Repair can be quite daunting to the unfamiliar user.

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This is especially true of laptops. They can be difficult to take apart, and the shear number of parts makes them kind of overwhelming. Desktops, although somewhat easier to take apart, do present their own set of challenges.

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Desktops in general aren’t as difficult to repair compared to laptops. In fact, sometimes they can be downright easy to repair. All that is needed are a few basic tools, some computer know-how, and you’re on your way. Power Supply problems, for example, are an easy fix. They are generally just as easy to troubleshoot. All you really need are a volt meter, a voltage reference list for the power supply, and some basic troubleshooting steps, and that’s it.

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However, not all computer problems are that straight forward. Often times, what may seem like failure in one component is actually failure of a different component. This is when the services of a professional computer tech are the most valuable. We have the tools, and the knowledge to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair all types of computer problems, from intermittent power supplies and blue screens, to full system rebuilds including data transfers. We even fix software problems.

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Our team of highly-trained computer support specialists each have at least 15 years of computer support experience, with training and certification in key areas, including Electronic Engineering Technology, Data Communications, A+ Computer Repair, and Computer Programming.

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Find out how TSG Computer Services can help you minimize downtime, increase security and maximize profits. You can learn about our computer repairs and IT consulting services, our computer support specialists, or you can contact us now.

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