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TSG Computer Services in the lower mainlandViruses have been around for a while, and even though AntiVirus Companies are increasing the strength of their detection algorithms, it doesn’t look like the threat of computer viruses will ever slow down. In fact, in recent months, the number of virus infections on corporate and personal computers has increased! This is not only affects a business’ bottom line, but also the homeowners pocketbook as well.

Virus infections are often far more destructive than just simply causing undesirable behavior in your machine. They can be capable of pretty much anything… from being almost harmless to erasing your hard drive or worse…. stealing your banking information and reporting it back to a third party who then has access to your accounts. Pretty Scary!

Back in the 80’s, computer viruses were something you only had to worry about if you were trading floppy disks with friends or colleagues. But now with the Internet being such a mainstay in every office and residence, viruses have become far more prevalent. Therefore, it is necessary to protect yourself at every level.

Using one program is not always the best route to take when dealing with Virus Infections. Often times, multiple programs are required to eradicate these infections. In fact, this is considered common practise in the Computer Service industry. This is not to be confused with having more than one type of AntiVirus Product on your computer at the same time. This can do more harm than good, because they will compete for the same computer resources, essentially making both of the products useless when it comes to an infection.

Using multiple programs for Virus Removal implies that multiple types of programs are used. eg. using AVG for the AntiVirus, Malwarebytes for the spyware, “specific removal tools” for removal of infections that the AntiVirus is unable to quarantine, and others. The key is that although all these programs are installed on the system, they are all different and perform different functions.

Of the 30 antivirus programs tested, the two highest scoring programs at virus detection were BitDefender and Kaspersky. Copyright ©

There are many AntiVirus programs available to the public for the corporate and residential markets. Unfortunately, there are individuals that use this abundance to their advantage, and prey on the inherent trust of people in general. These companies develop software applications that are considered “Rogue AntiVirus Applications”, and use phishing techniques to lure potential victims in by alerting them that their computer is infected with a “list of false postives”, and to run the promoted “AntiVirus Program” to remove these so-called infections. This kind of scheme works particularly well because of 2 reasons:

  • People in general are inherantly trusting, especially when faced with a resolution to a problem regardless of whether the problem is manufactured or not.
  • Lack of Education.

The purpose for these schemes is for one thing and one thing only. DATA CAPTURE! Credit Cards to be exact.

These companies deceive the public by displaying an antivirus scan list of “false-positives”, which can only be removed by buying the application.

Aside from the fact that these programs are Trojan Viruses, they also present themselves to the user as programs with limited functionality, and so, to be able to remove the so-called infections, you are required to purchase the full version online with……. you guessed it…… your Credit Card. A very sneaky and effective scheme!

Numerous people fall victim to this phishing scam every day.

Now that you know, you will be better equipped to protect yourself against these kinds of attacks.

If you find that you have a virus, we can fix it remotely without you having to take your system into a shop for repair. For more information contact us. We can clean your system up without it having to leave your desk.

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