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Who is that MALWARE talking to?

February 21, 2015 at 1:36 am

If you are like most people, you typically turn your phone off at night before you go to sleep. Well, if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones… you might be getting a phone bill for some calls you don’t even remember making. This is because AVG recently discovered an Android trojan virus that starts up when you shut your phone down.

The malware gets installed via an installed app (thought to be legitimate). No one knows for sure which apps are carrying the Trojan. Due to Google’s strict policy on Malware, it isn’t likely that Google Play would be harbouring malware in it’s apps. This being said, the play store has featured infected apps before, so users should exercise caution when downloading apps regardless of the vendor.

According to AVG, this particular malware strain hijacks the shutdown process of the android platform. When the user initiates a shut down, the device displays all the usual characteristics associated with the shutdown process but actually stays on. This is where the malware takes control of the device, allowing it to make calls, send texts, etc. It has complete control of the unit, without the users knowledge.

According to AVG, the unit remains under control of the Malware (making calls, sending texts, etc) until the user initiates the power-up process by turning the unit back on, which causes the malware to go dormant, until the unit is switched off again. The only way to know for sure that the unit is in fact off is to power down the unit, then disconnect the battery.

Unlike the Simplocker Android virus that we mentioned in an earlier post, this virus is fairly easy to remove by running an Antivirus scan of your device. The Antivirus app will then detect and remove the associated malware files.

Right now, this Virus seems to be limited to China. But it never hurts to be one step ahead when it comes to technology.

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