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WorkStation performance and security

Time has an effect on everything, including your computer. Not only does hardware start to show its age, but your computer’s performance tends to slow down as well.

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If this sounds like your system, don’t race out for a new computer just yet. Your existing computer can be resurrected from its current state.

Whether your computer is slow or just not working properly, there are a number of things that can be done to turn your “turtle” into a “jackrabbit” again.

Let’s start with the basics. DUST. You got it. Mother Nature’s way of sending you back to the pen & paper era. DUST is a computer’s worst enemy. Electronic components create heat as they operate and therefore, require adequate ventilation to function properly. Dust on the other hand, acts like a huge insulator, preventing the heat from escaping. Not only does this make the computer work that much harder, but it also slows it down.

In addition to Dust, the operating system can become unstable and fragmented as well. This can, and often does impede performance. By cleaning up the system, and optimizing its performance, it can be brought back to life. With a clean system, comes better security; and with better security, comes a cleaner system. They run hand in hand.

The security of your system is directly related to how clean and optimized your system is. Generally speaking, the slower a system is, the more mal-ware (Malicious Software) is present on the system.

At TSG Computer Services, fixing computers is what we do. As a full-service computer repair and IT consulting company, we can help you with everything from basic system cleanup and virus removal to off-site data backup and comprehensive network installation. We can even fix your system remotely, so you don’t need to pack your system up and take it somewhere to get it fixed.*

If you feel your PC is falling short when it comes to performance and security, give us a call.

We can make sure your system performs the way it was meant to.

* limited to software related issues only

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Find out how TSG Computer Services can help you minimize downtime, increase security and maximize profits. You can learn about our computer repairs and IT consulting services, our computer support specialists, or you can contact us now.

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