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Network, Server and Workstation Maintenance

In some circles, the word Maintenance stirs up feelings of anger and frustration, and for good reason.
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Maintenance often carries the stigma of being an “unnecessary expense”, but in most cases, it can be justified. When was the last time you neglected to change the oil in your car, or replace your worn brakes, because they were unnecessary expenses.

The same argument can be made for Computer Maintenance. With Computer Maintenance, the impact from forgoing these services isn’t as apparent as having no brakes. It is more holistic. The performance of your Computer Network typically starts to diminish to the point were you are forced to replace Hardware.

Let’s look at the downtime and cost of fixing, repairing and ultimately replacing a system over a 4 year period, vs if that same system is maintained over 4 years.

Ad-Hoc Services Over 4 years

Malware Removal x 2 =  $160.00
System Performance Optimization x 4 =    $400.00
Hard Drive Replacement =    $400.00
Miscellaneous Problems =    $800.00
Downtime and lost productivity =    $5,000.00
Cost of New Workstation =    $1,000.00
TOTAL =    $7,760.00


Seeing as most maintained systems have a lifespan of 7 years…

Maintenance Plan over 7 years

System Maintenance per year ($375.00) =$2,625.00
Hard Drive Replacement =$400.00
Malware Removal =$0.00
System Performance and Optimization =$0.00
Miscellaneous Problems =$400.00
Downtime and Lost Productivity =$300.00
TOTAL (over 7 years) =$3,725.00


Ok, let’s get that cost over 4 years.

Maintenance Cost over 4 years =                $3,725.00 x (4/7) = $2,128.57


Let’s simplify this more.


$2,128.57/ $7,760.00 = 27.4%


As you can see, with routine maintenance the incurred cost is 27.4% of that for a Computer System without maintenance over the same time frame.


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