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Case Study – Breakers Fish Company

THE CHALLENGE – To provide a solution that would allow the employees the ability to print documents from the server via Terminal Services to any printer they were connected to, and email documents stored on the server using their local email while connected to the server via Terminal Services.

THE SOLUTION РTSG quickly found a solution  that not only provided Breakers Fish Co with the functionality they required, as well as a lot more. It allowed the user to select any printer they wanted to print to, create a PDF and save it to the server, or attach a PDF version of the document they were needing to send to an email recipient and send it via their local email account while maintaining a connection to the server via Terminal Services. This was equally impressive as there was no exchange server or domain.

THE RESULT – With Breakers’ new offsite functionality, it allowed them the ability to print and email documents from anywhere there was an internet connection. Not only did this increase their productivity, but their efficiency as well.

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