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Data loss is a very real threat in today’s business market. With computers controlling every aspect of our business, one minor hiccup can put your day into a tailspin.

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As with most companies, your data is your gold mine. Without it, you are certainly lost.


There is no 1 (one) thing that causes data loss. The truth is, data loss can occur in just about every scenario.

  • Of the estimated $12 billion dollar loss that businesses are expected to face this year, 78% can be attributed to hardware or system failure, 11% to human error, and 7% to software corruption (including viral infections). Natural Disasters account for the remaining 1%.

     Given that approximately 95% of the $12 Billion figure could be prevented by properly implementing systems & technologies that ensure data integrity and redundancy, you have to ask yourself, “Why isn’t this being done?” The reason is plain and simple.
The initial expense, as well as mis-information.

  • A recent study disclosed that it takes 19 days and in excess of $17,000 to re-enter just 20 megabytes worth of sales and marketing data.
  • Retrieving accounting records is even worse; over 21 days of labour are required at a cost of over $19,000 to re-type the missing data.

     For many businesses, this kind of expense can close the doors. However, many companies are still unwilling to utilize technology to ensure data integrity and redundancy. This often has a profound effect when data losses do occur. Unfortunately, it is only after a disaster or data loss incident occurs, that these companies actually acquire the technology needed to ensure that they have data redundancy throughout their network. However, by this time it is too late.

Alternatively, having systems in place that provide security for your network as well as redundancy for your data, essentially eliminates these massive expenses.

Our Data Management Services are designed to do one thing. They ensure that even if your lose everything due to a fire; your company data will still be intact. We provide you with that piece-of-mind in knowing that even if the inevitable happens, your company will still remain open for business.

Our Data Management Services include:

• Onsite basic data recovery
• Onsite data backup
• Onsite data security
• Offsite Data Backup
• Data Redundancy Services
• Integrity checks for both Data and Hardware.
• Software Patch compliance.

The health of your business isn’t something that should be neglected. With our Data Management Services as part of your arsenal, you can rest assured that your company is in good hands should the guillotine fall.

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