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Computer Security goes up in smoke

November 25, 2014 at 3:06 am

It seems hackers are forever finding new ways to steal your data.
Up until now, adhering to the standard spiel about security was generally all that was needed to keep your PC safe from intruders.
However, with technology changing at such a rampant pace, it only makes sense that hackers would eventually try to exploit it.

The newest potential victims are e-cig users. It has come to light that there are a number of Chinese e-cigarette manufacturers that are placing malware within their e-cigarettes.
When the user plugs their e-cig into a computer’s USB port to charge, the e-cig installs malware on your system. This malware currently doesn’t start changing things, but rather begins to snoop on all your dealings.

I believe this is only the beginning. As more products get manufactured overseas, we will undoubtedly see an increase in this type of malware.

There is one way to combat this type of malware at it’s source though. Introducing the SyncStop. This little handy device allows your USB devices to charge on any computer without fear of becoming a guinea pig for the newest malware release. It essentially allows the device to charge, but prevents data transfer from happening.

Now, more than ever, we need to do our homework when it comes to electronics manufactured overseas. It goes to show you, you never know what they will think of next.

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